Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Travolta "Staying Alive" With Another Man

PopSugar has photos of John kissing another man. John Travolta has been dodging the gay rumors for years like fellow Scientologist, Tom Cruise.

What? Travolta's gey? Nooooo!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

My personal God!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to L.A.

So who was the sexual harassing agent? If D. Styne was a manager...

Caught on Film: A Growing Unease in Hollywood

NYTimes Article from Last week - The Death of Movies.

I couldn't agree more. Corporate mutherfuckas are ruing our business while ball-less execs think they are changing the world by making sequels, remakes and video game to film rip offs.

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Advice for Screenwriters from Walt Disney Pictures President

Now if Somebody can Give Her Some Advice on How to Keep Her Job!

Fuck you, Nina!

Nina Jacobson Rumour Du Jour

Nina to Partner with Scott Rudin in his new deal.

Tom Cruise leaving Paramount

Now if he would just leave the planet!

Here's Nikki Finke studied viewpoint

Live Rattlesnakes Released In 'Snakes On A Plane' Theater

Why didn't Sammy think of this?

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Scott Eversano to Run Nickelodeon Films

Former Scott Rudin buttboy Scott Eversano is in negotiations to run Nickleodeon films.

Ask for the reacharound!

Nina Jacobson Rumour Du Jour

Nina to partner with JJ Abrams

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jaime Gold is Bullshit!

This guy, Jaime Gold is total bullshit!

Big time agent? Reality producer?


I never heard of this cocksucker!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nooooo! You Can't Fire a Glick!

Steve Glick, R.I.P. has been fired from ICM.

Glick had only been there a year. He previously was at Willy Mo for a quarter century.

Fuck ICM!

More Layoffs Coming From ICM

Rumours abound of more layoffs coming from the ICM TV department.

Here's hoping!

Fuck you, ICM!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Impeach Bush!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nancy Josephson in Negotiations With Endeavor

Recently fired ICM Co-President is in negotiations to join the Endeavor agency as a partner and will be bringing all of her TV clients with her.

Fuck you, Nancy.

Fuck you, Endeavor

Nancy Etz Lands at CAA

Welcome to Shark School!

Rumours abound that horse-faced Nancy Etz is in negotiations to join CAA's television department.

That's one Nancy down and one Nancy left to go (and I'm not talking about Ron Bernstein!)

Fuck you, Nancy Etz!

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

Former Paramount Pictures senior vice-president Wendy "How Did I Ever Get to be a Sr, V.P. anyway?" Japhet has been hired to "run" production at Endgame, a foreign sales driven so-called "private equity" financed company.

Remember when Wendy called you back at 7:30?

Remember when Wendy rescheduled lunch three times and then asked you to "come by the commisary for lunch?"

Remember when Wendy told people she was up for "president of Production" but we all knew she wasn't?

Now she's working at a fourth tier "buyer" and will quickly learn what life in Hollywood is really like.

Fuck you, Wendy!

Fuck you, Endgame!

Rob Schneider Pledges to Never Work with Mel Gibson!

Who's next to sign the pledge? Oren? Oren?

Mel Gibson on J-Date

Click the above link for a look at Mel's J-Date profile.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Shit List

Patty Detroit
Jon Huddle
Mel Gibson
Adam McKay
Jon Stewart
James Robinson

Jon Gordon Fired as President of Production

Jon Gordon, Co-President of Production, has been fired from Universal after nine months. This leads Donna "How Did She Get This Job" Langely as the single Co-President.

Sammy has said it before and will say it again; the first day as head of production is the begining of the end. No matter how long you think you will last there are very few Stacy Snider's in this world. Get hired, and you will lose your job. probably sooner rather than later.

And if you're a Co-President of Production, the end comes that much sooner and that much more painful. Painful because you didn't get fired for doing a bad job (heck, every PresPro does that) it's because your CoPresPro beat the shit out of you in the cage match for supremacy.

Any way, good luck to Jon Gordon's kiss-off producing deal.

I can just see the Universal press release now: All of us at Universal look forward to Jon being a drain on company resources, submitting projects we'll refuse to buy and being given a picture to produce so that we can burn off his deal."

Hey, Jon! Fuck you, loser!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ABC Cancels Anti-Semitetic Holocaust Movie

Click the link above to read an article about how ABC cancelled Mel Gibson's mini-series about the holocaust. Apparently in Mel's version 6 people died.

Photos of Adolph Gibson Hammered

Click the link above to see pictures of Mel Gibson drunk off his ass!

More coverage on the Mel Gibson Debacle!

Click on the above link to read Defamer's round up on Mad Max's jew-hating antics!

This bad boy's going down!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Letter to Luke Wilson (About his Lame Brother) From Steely Dan

Steely Dan, the band that brought you "Reeling in the years" wrote a letter to Luke Wilson. Absolutely Hilarious. This is the actual letter which Steely Dan wrote as a joke and the mainstream media picked up and reported as real.

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cat.lebrity: What Jew Talkin' 'Bout, Mel?

cat.lebrity: What Jew Talkin' 'Bout, Mel?

Mel Gibson is the best story of the year!

Ari Emmanuel "Boycott Mel Gibson"

That's it, Ari! Boycott the bastard!
Talladega Nights trailer

This movie looks fucking hilarious!
The Best of Entourage's Ari Gold

My Fucking Hero!

Mel Gibson is Crazy!

Rumors Abound!

Rumours are sweeping the town, again, that Ally Brecker is leaving Paramount.

Sanny has been told this is "for sure," "for certain" and "real this time."

As much as Sammy would like to believe this (see my earlier posts about quint Allie) I have to say that I don't buy it. Sammy wants a parade, Sammy wants to believe (I'm clapping my hands now!) but I just can't verify anything.

Sure, her conflicts with Gail Berman are well known, Sure her fuck-buddy co-president Brad Weston would love to stand a few inches taller, and sure every President of Production eventually gets fired, but as much as I wish it were true, it just isn't.


But someday...

Mel Gibson Hates Jews!

Mel Gibson Hates the Jew!

Mel Gibson's career should have died today, but it hasn't.

Arrested late in the evening (or very early in the morning depending on how you look at it) Gibson was arrested for going 90 miles an hour driving down PCH DRUNK OFF HIS ASS!

Fairly common behaviour in Hollywood. Sammy has certainly been known to drink and drive, BUT I'M NOT A FUCKING MOVIE STAR!

If Gibson had done this in his Mad Max days it would have been pretty cool, but now that he has set himself up as the pope of his own church in Malibu, basically set himself up to be the second coming, it takes on an entire different light.

Add to this the fact that, drunk off his ass, he verbally abused the arresting officer, and he's got some pretty bad press ahead.

Finally, add some desperate, screaming anti-semetic language that would make Hitler proud and you've got what should be a career ender, especially in a business run by us yids.

But that won't happen. In the old days, studio heads would have punished Gibson, really fucked him up. But now that the studios have been taken over by corporations, that just isn't going to happen. Sure, it will take years of work for Gibson to restore what little part of his image was still likable. Sure. he'll have to go on Barbara Walters and cry. Sure, well see him do community service at a Jewish Community Center, but we will know the entire time that it will all be for himself, the tears are fake, and that he'd rather be shooting up the Jewish instead!

Should we boycott Gibson? Of course. Will we boycott Gibson? Some of us might. Will the corporations that own the studios refuse to distribute his movies? No, they will spread his anti-semetic lies - but they'll get a heck of a markup on the distribution fees.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mel Gibson Hates Jews!

Charting Sammy!

Posts that contain Sammy Glick per day for the last 30 days.
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Job Openings That Aren't Ass-Reamers!

Vice-President of Current, ABC TV
UTA Needs Assistants!
John Baldecchi needs a revolving door VP
Sandra Chang needs an assistant at Industry Entertainment.
Broder nee' ICM Needs lit assts.
MTV needs a President!
LivePlanet needs an assistant (Hey, maybe you'll get to schedule Ben's next relationship troubles? Or get to work on Paycheck 2?

Miami Vice Sucks Donkey Cocks!

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I would rather suffer a 3-way conference call with Jeremy Zimmer and Ari Emmanuel on the subject of closeted homosexulaity than watch this tepid, Nash Bridges scripted, Texas Ranger acted, A-Team set-pieced pile of crap!

Sammy Glick is Back

Sammy is back and boy, is he pissed!

Mel Gibson goes public with his anti-semitism.

ICM buys Broder

Nina Jacobson fied in the delivery room

Rumours of Ally's demise

Paramount adrift

The economy tanking

War in the Middle East

The Fox News Propoganda Machine!

Sammy Glick, needed now more than ever!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

It is Official! Brad Grey to Head Paramount

It is now official - Brad will take over the reigns of Paramount from Sherry Lansing. In the spirit of change, here is some unsolicted advice for Brad from the community; keep Donald and dump Karen Rosenfelt, Tom Jacobsen, Brian Witten and Pam Abdy. These four people are the reasons Paramount is in the shitter. Karen Rosenfelt knows where the bodies are buried, but she's got nothing on you, Brad, at least not yet! Quickly fire her before she catches you fellating a monkey! Jacobson is a nice enough guy, but incredibly boring and as ballless as they come. If you want an ass kissing yes man, keep Tom, if you want to spend your money on somebody who is going to help you turn the studio around, spend it on somebody new. Witten was a good executive at New Line, but has floundered at Paramount. Either let him do his own thing or cut him loose. Pam Abdy is all that is wrong with our business - she is evil incarnate and the queen of the credit takers. She is a backstabbing, dirty-kneed troublemaker who will do anything to get ahead.

Brad, good luck!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Worst Script Query Letter of the Year

This is an actual query letter I received in October. Is this guy fucking kidding?

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to see if you would like to receive a copy of my spec screenplay, DENY ZION. The film is best described as a cross between INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE FRENCH CONNECTION.

DENY ZION tells the story of a cop who goes undercover in New York's Hassidic community only to discover that they have, over the years, been infiltrated by a group of aliens intent on taking over the world, diamonds and banking first.

Sammy here: Blah, blah, blah. What a fucking loser. Besides, everyone knows I only take submissions from Irv Schecter.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome Back

2005 is here and so is a new topper at Paramount. Rumours swirled over the New Years that Brad Grey was taking Sherry's job and that Deline, Rosenfelt, Jacobson and Witten were out

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Paradigm to Buy ICM?

Money troubled ICM is on the block again and Paradigm is doing their due dilligence to see if it makes good financial sense. After buying Genesis and Writers and Artists Paradigm needs a real acquistion to get it up with the big boys. ICM still has some decent talent left on the roster and talent is what P-Digm needs. Waiting

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Best Movie of the Year

Hands down the best movie of the year was FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. I know it is not going to win any awards, but the film is fantastically directed and every actor gives a great performance. Who would have thought Billy Bob had it in him? I am not a big football fan, but Pete Berg made me really care about a bunch of guys chasing a ball! You hear stories about how this was a passion project for Pete Berg once he got involved (he re-wrote the script) and it shows. While there are a number of different writers listed on SS over the years this movie was apparently all Berg! Good on ya!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Worst Movie of the Year! - It is Official

I just had the chance to see I, ROBOT and have to say it is the absolutely worst movie of the year. I expected better from Alex Proyas (whose work I usually like) and Will Smith (who I once worked with.) The movie's major fault is the screenplay - it is a major piece of crap. There are so many good movies to be made from this book by Assimov that I see the studio development process of writing by commitee proved once again its great failings. Thanks Fox!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


A writer friend of mine recently had a meeting with Ally “Cookie” Brecker-Shearmur over at Paramount. It was his third. He can’t say I didn’t warn him. As most of us know, Ally has been kicking around for a long time; Disney then Universal (where she was passed over so greatly that while Stacy decided to hire TWO presidents, even ONE spot wasn’t reserved for her.)And now she is at Paramount where she is up to her old tricks of giving an idea to a writer, letting him crack the story, giving notes, hearing a revised pitch, then passing. Of course, the clincher is she then takes the best part of the writer’s pitch and adds them to “her pitch” when she then pitches to an A List writer. With the work done for him, Mr. A List signs on and gets paid a bucketful of money to execute the work the novice writer did for free. I told him this going in to his first meeting with Ally. He was charmed by her (as many of us have been now and again) and did not realize that he was in the grasp of an evil succubus who was going to give him the demonic fucking of his life! This town is littered with the corpses of people who were “going in with their final pitch” to Ally only to walk out with a pass and a “Let’s find something to work on together” piece of shit from one of the biggest cunts in town. Like all executives who will never see their name on a movie (Fuck you New Line for giving your execs producing credits) Ally in one who in her dotterage will google herself to no avail as there is no film credit for “Bitch” or “From an idea stolen by.”

Be warned, if you are pitching to Ally your kids’ tuition at Cross Roads better not be riding on it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


With the recent wholesale purchasing of crappy agencies by Paradigm they have been left (according to Studio system) with around 1200 clients. 1200 clients? Gimme a fucking break! They have a hard enough time selling their crappy list as it is and now they are going to need a goddamn snow plow to move this collection of dead meat.

So, of course, Paradigm is “firing” a couple of hundred clients. How would you liked to be “fired” by Paradign? I would rather be “hired” by Irv Schecter than get shitcanned by an agency who only has about ten respectable writers and one halfway decent director. And where in the fuck do they get off saying they are “firing” their clients? You assholes work for them! They hired you in the same way they hired their gardener, their nanny and their mechanic. What in the fuck do you think you are doing? You should be grateful that they even let you represent them! The lowliest Irv Schecter client is worth more than the biggest agent because they actually contribute something to a film.

You see, they have Oscars for “Best Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay but, as far as I know, there is no “Best Liar” category for agents.

The Shit List

John Lesher
Risa Gertner
Ben Affleck
Scott Henderson
Daily Variety
George Bush

Monday, November 22, 2004

Talk Back

Post comments here!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Halle Berry's Next Stinker

Halle Berry has signed on to Perfect Stranger, a thriller at Joe Roth’s soon to be defunct film label

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Job Opportunity

Zucker/Netter is looking for a mid-level development executive. Like dumb comedies? Line up to sign up!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Great Marketing Site…

If you have any interest in film marketing, especially as it pertains to the web, check out this great site – The Movie Marketing Blog

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Assistant Openings…

Pardon the pun. Lads and lassies, get ready to duck because a stapler is going to get thrown at somebody!

The following people/companies are looking for assistants/secretaries/poundholes:

Broder Webb Whatever the Fuck the Other Names Are – looking for agent’s assistants. Low pay, long hours and learning at the knee of Bill Zotti.

Paul Young at Principato-Young needs a low paid assistant willing to work long hours.

Gersh is looking for agent trainess for their talent department. Must be willing to work long hours for little pay.

Management 360 is looking for assistants/trainess to learn at the knee of Guymon. Long hours andlow pay.

Evolution Entertainment is looking for an assistant in their talent department. The pay is low, but the hours are long!

DeLuca is looking for an intern. Must be familiar with Macintosh, MS Word and balcony Blowjobs. Low pay, long hours and romantic evenings. Please wear heels to the interview.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Here is a vicious site...

He used to post a lot, but whoever A Fly on the wall is not posting as frequently as he used to. But when he does he is viscious! He is supposedly an A list screenwriter, and he certainly seems as disgruntled as a screenwriter who has seen his work mangled, but sometimes he does not talk the talk well enough to be a successful screenwriter. Plus, you would think all that money would make him a little less angry.

Some people think that the Fly might be Joltin Joe Ezterhaus (because the site is registered to a person whose name is the exact odd name Joe used in one of his movies.) Others think it is that little prick, Nick Reed over at ICM because the email address used to hype the site soon after its launch has been used (online, at least) to hype nothing but the work of Nick Reed's clients!

Check the site once a week and be prepared to see our colleagues destroyed!

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Shit List

Renee Zellwegger
Angelina Jolie
My Fuckin’ Shrink
Toby Emmerich
Matt Tolmach
Toby Macguire
Risa Gertner

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Job Opportunity

Joe Roth is going to be staffing up his new TV company at Paramount. He is looking for a senior level person and a few juniors. Are you ready to see “Tomcats: the Series”?

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Here are a few of my favorite blogs. If everyone reads all of these you will catch me lifting stories wholesale. - The site for liberal politicos and policy wonks. - A fun site for news, entertainment and geek info. - news flashes, funny links and NSFW hot links - Read all the latest about Lindsey Lohan’s boobs. - Funny shit about your favorite TV Shows. - Reviews and news.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chris Moore to Exit Live Planet

Chris Moore is leaving Live Planet to pursue a career in directing. Jokes in the comments section, please!

Job Opening

Matt and Doug are looking to hire a senior level executive (Exec. VP) at Sony, but are having a tough time since they want "somebody who has produced a hit movie lately."

Guys, if somebody has produced a hit movie lately, they are not looking for a job working for you guys!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Just so you know...

As this is an anonymouse blog, please enjoy yourself trying to track me down! Here is a tip - I am a producer (and former agent) who has worked in the movie and TV business for over twenty years. Now here is the stuff to fuck you up - I paid cash for a used computer, use the computer solely for blogging, and use various free or stolen wireless access points to post from.

Good luck Fucktards!

Tips, Dirt, and General BS

Who has been hired, who has been fired? Who has the latest Risa Gertner "pussy payment" story? Let me know the scoop at

Clooney to direct again

We are all pulling for you, George!

Clooney is going to direct his second movie for Section 8 which will be a biopic about famed newscaster Edward R. Murrow.

Sarah Michelle Fuck You

They are doing a sequel to The Grudge. Poor Eddy Yablans lost Sarah Michelle. Fucking bitch! I hope he gets the commission!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Marketing Maven

George Leon is getting promoted to Exec. VP of marketing at Columbia.

She Just Wrote Her Last Great Screenplay

Tammy Duffy has won the annual Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting competition. Let her hopes and dreams start dying!

On the Tracks for a Chilly Reception...

I saw POLAR EXPRESS. I don’t think it is going to be a hit.

For the Love of God!

I hear Julia Stiles is signing up for a period Scolttish movie entitled BURNS. God forbid!

And he gets a years supply of prozac for free...

Jonathan Perry is leaving Original and headed to UTA. Start therapy now, JP.

He'll Be Sorry!

John Rogers to write Transformers movie for Dreamworks.

Sci-Fi Guru

Tom Vitale has been promoted to Senior VP at the sci-fi channel.

Welcome to Sammy Glick

With the death of the ifilmpro message boards, the lameness of and the boringness (is that a word) of the mainstream entertainment media, I have decided to start this blog to give everyone the news which really matters - who has been hired, fired, fucked or dumped - who is a slut, a scammer, a thief or a druggie - who bought what and how much they really paid - who gets paid how much and how much they lie about it and who is a loser and needs to be told so.